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Working title: “Mind over matter, the Puharich story”

The life and work of Dr Puharich has been documented in books, articles and there are fragments on film and audio recordings. Browsing the internet one can find the pieces and put them together to form a picture of who he was, what motivated him and the discoveries he did in his life’s span.


Being his son and understanding the depth of his work I believe a document should be made to bring all these pieces together and explain how fundamental his thinking really was.
The main concept for the film is that I will be telling the story from my own experience, visualized by footage and stills from my archives. The emphasis will be on his work with the medium Phyllis Shlemmer and the insights derived from his contacts with extra-terrestrials. Most of the questions concerning life and human purpose have been answered and need to be conveyed. But of course his work in the field of physics will be covered.

Earlier I wanted to make a 40 minute documentary but I believe now someone else will take that task upon themselves. I have decided to make a film short enough to be on YouTube. A lot can be said in 15 minutes and on the internet it is for everyone to hear.

I can do this with the equipment and skills I have so I will need no budget, but if anyone wants to support the effort, donations can be made by buying a book. This links to the “Maverick” book page.

Andy Puharich